“POTUS is on the move”

My two least favorite times of day should be my most cherished:  walking the boys to school, and putting them to bed.  They are, on the contrary, two of the most challenging that a parent faces, because what you’re talking about is, essentially, executing advanced logistical operations with the aid and consent of small criminals who have little to no moral foundation.

Let’s face it:  clothing and unclothing little bodies within a specific and relatively unmovable timeframe, and delivering them to an intended destination with their mental and physical beings intact and free of visible signs of torture or abuse, is not an easy proposition to begin with.  Doing it with subjects who respond like crazed jungle animals on crack is…difficult.  Doing it, furthermore, with a smile on your face is tantamount to sainthood.

To be truthful, getting the President of the United States around town is probably easier.  The President doesn’t roll around the bedroom floor and squeal like a stuck pig when you tell him to put on his socks.  Nor does the President do an Irish jig across Broadway with traffic bearing down on you.  Nor does he slump his shoulders when you tell him to brush his teeth.  My guess is he even brushes his teeth without a second reminder.

But that’s a hunch.


photo:  fallingutopia


2 thoughts on ““POTUS is on the move”

  1. It took all of my patience to motivate one child to get up and get dressed, and get to school on time; I think it shows Herculean patience to motivate two of your three! More importantly, are you sure Mrs. Bush doesn’t have to remind the president to brush his teeth?

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