Café Forant

Café Forant has four two-top tables inside and two four-tops.

So: 16 people total. Not even enough for two baseball teams. Another two-top table and two two-top bar-stool-height tables on the sunken patio (protected by an all-weather plastic canopy) means that only 22 people can fit into this snug bistro on 51st Street near 10th Avenue, which I found only after realizing that my decision to catch up on some work by finding a coffee place in the Time Warner Center on a Saturday two weeks before Christmas was as smart as whistling a tune into a hurricane. I had first tried Universal News (not a coffee location, as Yelp had claimed), then Dean & Deluca and another cafe at Time Warner, then Jazzman’s Café at Fordham (closed and not indicated per Yelp), then BKaffie (ditto).

Yelp led me here, though, so I’ll make sure the app stays synced through iTunes.

photo: {manda}