this paper is special

Tonight 10-year-old Teak wrote a note to Karen, because she had a rough start to the day—involving video games (of course). I’ve tried to retain exact spelling and punctuation:

From: Teak


[heart picture]

Dear, Mom

God is with you mom, the answer to peace. Days in darkness talk to dad or me, I’ll comfort you. Leting anger out is fine. Focus on good things, god will show you the way to light. Spending time with god will reveal the path to hapiness. God will fill the souls of your three boys with peace, respect, God will help us live not with video games controlling it. You know days are hard and good.

Spreading gods love is a good way to make people BRIGHT! I’m always here to talk with you, I’ll take the dark fog out of your body. Saten’s hate is everywhere that travels to the heart. God beats Saten. Look at this paper when you are sad, this paper is special.

During heart breaking moments god is with you. Reading the bible together does a lot! Me Carter and Bennett loves you even when we disrespect you.

Pain in your heart?
The lord will knock you
in the brain, hate comes out
with the trust of

      G O D

These few words mean a lot