She bought Friskies cat food in 8-ounce cans, four at a time, from Duane Reade, usually at 7:30 on weekday mornings.  She read Japanese for Busy People on the subway as she rode downtown to work.

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Karen always liked the "big cats" on Discovery

Oreo is going to school tomorrow.Oreo is our 2-year old, black-and-white cat, which we gave to Bennett for his 6th birthday last fall. We adopted him from a woman in Newton who was moving in with her mother and couldn’t keep him any longer. The lovely K. transported him from the transfer point at the Burlington Mall parking lot to our home in a rickety cat carrier in our minivan. Word was that he howled the entire way. Standard for cats. Got him home and let him out in the living room and Bennett’s eyes about jumped out of his head.

He was stoked.

Oreo – Bennett’s name for a black and white animal named after his favorite black and white dessert and renamed from the cat’s former moniker of “Figaro” – spent the first two weeks of his life with us under the living room couch. This did not sit well with Bennett, who must have decided that a video game or dinosaur puzzle, which does not tend to hide or scratch when petted, would have been somewhat of a better birthday present.

Yet all ended well. Oreo and Bennett became fast friends. So fast that Bennett wants the cat to come to his kindergarten classroom tomorrow for “Show and Share.” K. needs to buy a new cat carrier tomorrow prior to going over to Bennett’s school. She wanted a cage open on all sides. I pictured a creature having nowhere to hide in a wire box exposed in a room full of screaming children missing their front teeth. It was not a pretty sight in my mind. I decided to eat a yogurt.

Will Oreo howl the whole time?

Will he pee in his cage? Will he pee outside his cage?

Will my middle son repeat kindergarten because the teacher is angry with my wife for bringing a pee-ing, howling feline into a class of already wild 5- and 6-year old little people?

These are indeed burning questions. We shall see.

photo: ftibor