Pearl Snap #5

040108pearlsnap.jpgFound this store online – it’s the real deal for those of you looking for pearl snap shirts.  Also, I am still interested in your opinion on my idea to have a retail location in NYC selling them, which would have an online ordering option.  If you care to state your opinion, here’s a quick survey you can take.  If you do the survey, make sure you opine whether Puglia’s Jorge Buccio would look good in a pearl snap shirt.


My Life So Far (Part 1)

The Icon Singer of Little Italy

On the Friday night of our weekend anniversary trip to New York City last month, we took the N train down to Canal Street and walked east several blocks to Mulberry Street in search of Luna Restaurant.

As we neared it, just north of Canal on the right side of the street, I understood why they hadn’t answered their phone for several days while I was calling to see if they accepted reservations and whether I could arrange a special anniversary surprise with the maître d’. Continue reading