Six fingers on each hand

We took the boys to Magnolia Bakery down in the Village last night.  What a disappointment.  Not only did they not have a 122807kelsey_r.jpgbathroom for children in distress – we went to the nicely-staffed Chinese restaurant down the street with the sign in the door that read, “Restrooms for Customer Only” – but the baked goods were not all they used to be.  “Sex in the City” ruined it.  Besides, they had one table only inside, occupied by two lazy employees.  And the employee we met was overly aggressive about the new procedure for picking your stuff.  And they no longer employed the young woman who told us once she was born with six fingers on each hand but her parents had them surgically removed so she wouldn’t be a freak and now she was into wicca or something.

She was nice.  I miss her.

photo:  kelsey r


Frito Pie

The woman serving us at Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village said quite matter-of-fact that she had been born with an extra finger on each hand and that her parents had instructed the doctors to surgically remove both digits, which they had done. Continue reading