With Google shares trading at $696, and gold worth $813 an ounce, it is not a far cry to say that those stock certificates are worth their weight in gold.


Swimming with them

I’ve encountered my first New York shark since the decision to move back.

I called a gym a block away from my new office to see if they had a swimming pool.  A man answered the phone at this popular NYC gym franchise, and no sooner had I uttered the question (“Do you have a swimming pool?”) than he smelled blood.  I am quite sure he did not have ESP (because the existence of ESP is questionable theologically, and…does anybody talk about ESP anymore?…  Don’t we probably have a new word for that…something with a in the name somewhere…?), but he immediately said back, “Is that a deal breaker?


Like I wasn’t ready to tango quite yet with the membership question, but he was already deep into whether it would be the right club for me or not.  Just sign here.  He heard it in my voice, that I’ve-been-away-from-Manhattan-for-eight-years-and-I-only-think-I-can-still-tango-like-a-City-boy…

“Yeah,” I said.  That would be a deal breaker.

091307mart1n.jpg“You training for Beijing [next summer Olympics]?” he asked.  He now had me laughing.

“No, not yet.  They haven’t called me up yet.”

“I have two other locations that have pools…” and so went on the conversation.

So now I am scheduled to meet him, Hassim, this membership director, Monday afternoon either at 12 Noon or 5:00, whichever I can make it in for.  He has my name, my birthdate, mother’s maiden name and whether I use speed stick or roll-on.

This guy was good.  Real good.

Too good.

Munch munch.

photo:  mart1n