Between them

A man walked with his female lover north on Broadway, passing Victoria’s Secret on 85th Street, its Amazon-sized window photos of women in lace garments daring him and coaxing her.

He was on her right as they walked and had his arm around her neck. With that arm his lifted his hand and pointed to a poster and, smiling, said something to her—she turning briefly and then facing north once again. He looked past her and at the poster for a beat, having found his excuse to gaze.

photo: mariolo


The Verdant Bed

Lover:  “How beautiful you are, my darling!  Oh, how beautiful!  Your eyes are doves.”

Beloved: “How handsome you are, my lover!  Oh, how charming!  And our bed is verdant.”

Hard to grasp that this conversation, ostensibly between one of Solomon’s wives – a dark beauty – and the king actually points to the love between us and God through Jesus Christ.  It is hard to accept that God looks at us in this way, this 040208remind.jpgpassionate way, yet he does.  His passion for us, his deep love for us as his Beloved inspired Jesus to go to the cross for us. 

How can we respond to him with less than burning, loving, passion?

photo:  remind