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My latest book, “On Edgar Allan Poe Street,” is available for download here for free. It was created as a labor of love and not out of commercial interest. Enjoy.

OEAPS cover

Available on Amazon is Lullabye:  Memories, Madness, and Midnight Snacks, which is available also in e-book format from Mobipocket.

From the book jacket:  “Balancing his bipolar disorder, adoption, divorce, father’s suicide, and sobriety with changing diapers and learning to use a chain saw as part of suburban life, the author ponders in humorous and touching essays many of today’s small challenges alongside the big questions of life and meaning. Growing up on New York City’s Upper East Side, the author traces his past from attending private school to living on the southern ‘country’ side of Atlanta to his return following the collapse of his marriage, job and health, and includes reflections on a life lived in view of a God who loves his children. Here you’ll meet Ron the cocaine addict, the female co-worker at Burger King who despises back supporters, and a toothless mental hospital patient who sees superheroes, among other notables who made lasting impressions along the way. Life is filled with wonderful people. Here are some of them.”

The co-screenwriter of Toy Story called the book a “must read…a slice of life masterpiece.” Buy one, and I earn enough for a nice hot drink from my favorite coffeeshop.

I wrote another one—nothing about bipolar disorder and everything about creating community online so that a nonprofit can raise money—called Making A Difference 2.0.  This one was published by a actual company called Skyhorse Publishing, to which real people go each morning and edit and design and get paid, and I actually got paid to write it.  Can you believe it.

mad20 cover copy


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